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Virtual offices in UAE needs to be safe and secure in two ways.

  1. Personal safety.
  2. Covid-19 safety.

A virtual office should be in a good location, one that is easy to reach, easy to park, and easy to make your way in and out of. It should be in a good area, preferably with a view, and have good facilities all around. A nice supermarket so you can shop on your way home, a few good coffee shops in case you want a break outside of the office, shopping because everyone likes to pop into shops, and maybe a park nearby too.

It should feel safe and secure.

A virtual office also needs to be Covid-19 safe. It needs to take the pandemic seriously and ensure that the working space, from the time you enter the premises until the time you leave the premises, is hygienic and safe. This means social distancing must be enforced, hand sanitizer must be on offer everywhere, the virtual offices must be properly cleaned a few times a day, and all precautions taken to ensure there is no spread of Covid-19.

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Covid-19 and virtual offices

This is quite a big task and not everyone can get it right. Centrum Business Lounges in the United Arab Emirates, with co-working spaces on Reem Island, Business Bay and Al Bateen, have got safety and security down right. They have been extremely cautious, since the pandemic, with safety and hygiene, and their specialist cleaners, are always available and ensuring tidiness. They take safety very seriously and never compromise on the safety of their own workers and of all the workers and companies who rent their spaces. Safety is key.

Safe and hygienic workspaces

Centrum Business Lounges is to ensure a fabulous, safe, hygienic, and professional space for all their customers. The locations of CBL are all prestigious, offering exactly what we mentioned above. Location, location, location! While their co working spaces, virtual offices, meeting rooms and all shared facilities (lounges, kitchens) are fabulous, they are also surrounded by good shops. Most workers make their own lunch, or bring their own lunch, but some like to take a break. Everything they need is around them, which is important. It means a worker can have a high-powered meeting, go for a walk to take a break, come back, make a coffee, good quality, and get back to work!


Security is generally not an issue in the UAE but some areas are better than others. The CB Lounges have worked hard on ensuring that their virtual offices are in the best locations so security is not an issue, but they do offer the best security, the best doormen, the best reception, and the most safe and wonderful welcome throughout. Their business space solutions are all bespoke – come a day, come a week, come for a month, rent out the space you need.



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