Support Services

Personalized Admin Support

We offer support to small businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals so they can spend less time on administrative duties. Our clients save time, money and overheads on staffing, equipment and program needs.

Be it data entry, photocopying, binding, printing and courier services, we have you covered. Our highly trained staff aim to make your day convenient and hassle-free. We offer you the most cost-effective option of only paying for the services that you need.

Sponsorship/ PRO/ Legal Services

We provide you with comprehensive PRO services that eliminate the stresses of bureaucracy. We can provide streamlined processes to obtaining visas, business licensing and other legal documents and are well versed with the legal and social climate of the UAE through our preferred partners.

Arabic Translation & Interpreters 

Interpretation requires accuracy, as to avoid misinterpreting the information. Our expert interpreters can provide their services on the spot for events, public speaking, personal, medical, or legal.

We do also provide translation services from Arabic, English, French, Urdu, Tagalog, African, and Russian. We can translate legal, technical, financial documents, e-mails, or any work related documents.  All translations are done by certified experts.

Content localization is another expertise of ours. We will adapt your branded content accordingly to the culture and target market to make sure the meaning of the context is kept the same.

Architectural & Graphic Design

For those who are seeking something extra, we do provide interior design services. Our in-house based interior designers can make your office space extra special. Our team is specialized not just in office design, but we do also provide other services too, such as:

CGI – computer generated imagery – graphic design concept to show the space in 3D concept.

Design concepts for houses, villas, apartments, and offices

Architectural concepts, like facades outside exterior and masterplanning.

Corporate Concierge

Corporate concierge will help you to manage time more efficiently by taking on some of their personal and professional tasks such as planning to booking travel arrangements, making reservations, or arranging car service, and etc. By giving extra assistance we aim to increase your company’s productivity and profitability.

Supporting Partners

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